November 23, 2011

New Mounts in the Crown Shop!

(Because I'm late on the Live Realm release of Zafaria.  Harhar. :B)

The Hippogriff, Crokagator, and Ostrich mounts are now available for purchase in the crown shop!  Some of you may (apparently) recognize them from the test realm!  They go for 7000, 6500, and 7500 crown, respectively.

So, any thoughts on them (even from you test-realm-ers)?  I personally LOVE the ostrich.  I've seen birds which are very similar up close.  They are called emus, and they are kind creepy.  o.o

Duskblade out!

November 9, 2011

My Thoughts on Zafaria


As we all know, Zafaria has been released on test realm.  I'm unfortunately not able to play since I haven't reached past Celestia, but I'll give you my thoughts on it...


First off, the spells...  OH MY GOODNESS THAT CHIMERA!  ...  Sorry, it really excites me.  It's cool.
The other spells aren't as cool (in my opinion), except the Volcano spell.  I really think Kingisle should have done something like a Dullahan for the Death students.

The land is amazing; it's detailed, lush, and crisp.  Kingsisle's graphics are only getting better and better!  :D

...That's pretty much it.  XD

Duskblade out!