September 28, 2011

1 Year

That's right folks;  This is the first anniversary of  The Dragoness!  I'd like to thank all those who have read, followed, and recommended my blog!  You all are awesome!

Now, I'm sorry about the lack of posting.....  School makes me busy and I'm running out of crowns.  I may not get any until Christmas either.  :(

Duskblade out!

September 5, 2011


 I feel awful for not posting in awhile!  I started school recently and I've been busy, busy, busy.  I hope to post again tomorrow or the day after ( I've been working on my Wizard Watchtower).


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIZARD101!  All you awesome people in Kingsisle have created a great game in which I've met many new friends!  Keep it up!

Duskblade out!