April 30, 2011

Katzenstein's Lab and The Vault of Ice

I forgot to mention this in previous posts, but about a week or so ago I beat Katzenstein's Lab.  I had help from Donna Spellthorn once again, because no one else was available to help me at the time (and completing a dungeon with complete strangers in kinda awkward).  Unfortunatly,  hardly got ANY pictures; I got two at the start of the dungeon.


I also went farming in the Vault of Ice.  When I first beat it, I farmed it over and over again, so I didn't get any experience points from it...  But I did get a very.... INTERESTING drop.  >:D

There's no kill like overkill.

Now I gotta wait for it to hatch...  *sigh*

Duskblade out!

April 24, 2011


Who knew the Easter Bunny got around on a horse...  ;)

I hope your Easter is filled with egg hunting, chocolate, family, and friends!

Duskblade out!

April 17, 2011

(A Bad) Explaination of MapleStory/NEW BLOG POLL

During yesterday's post, I got a comment asking that I could post some info about MapleStory from time-to-time.  So I decided: "Well, why not now?"  And considering I have nothing to post about Wizard101 at the current moment....  ^^"

MapleStory is a 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG from South Korea.  There's little if no blood, and it's free to play, although some game enhancements are available in the game's 'Cash Shop'.  There are several MANY different classes you can choose from, and ones with similar plots are grouped together:
Magician, Bowman, Pirate, Warrior, and Thief/Duel Blade
"Cygnus Knights":
Blaze Wizard, Wind Archer, Thunder Breaker, Dawns Warrior, and Night Walker
Aran, Evan
Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, and Mechanic

I just started playing several weeks ago, and I'm not too far in the leveling process, thanks to me having two characters...
Yes, the one on the right is only wearing a bathing suit, shoes, and a pair of gloves.  Pretty good defenses for a starting player, actually.  XD

So, today I was working on Matryoshkali.  She's a level 29 Evan, who's basically a dragon controller.  All Evan characters are pretty much worthless without their dragons.  And for some odd reason, the dragon's name, no matter WHAT player is controlling him, is Mir.

He gets larger and larger as you level up... o.o

Anyway, Matryoshkalo and Mir had to defeat 80 of these little guys:
A Zombie Mushroom

 FIRE BLAST!  Go Mir go!

Oh, and as the title suggests, a new poll is up on the sidebar... =3

Duskblade/Matryoshkali out!

April 16, 2011

Small Update and- HOLY COW!


Ooh, I know!

I have awesome viewers!  =D

Happy rant aside, I might not be posting too much in relation to Wizard101 for a bit.  I've discovered MapleStory (but I'm not super-obsessed with it), I'm part of a forum which is currently having a special event, and having some troubles in real life.  X/

Also, thanks to those... 9 people who voted (more people than most polls I've done...  hahaha).  5 of you have been on Wizard101 for 'A looooong time', 2 of you 'For about a year', and the other two have beening playing 'For about six months'.

Duskblade out!

April 10, 2011


*gets smacked by a brick for attempting to make a long title*  Oow...

Well, why am I so happy?

(Thank you Alia Lotuspetal and Kingisle!)

Oh, and Tavia has some new gear:

Duskblade out!

April 6, 2011


No, no, no one died...  Except a bunch of undead and a Kraken.  Even though I do now have a stock of crowns, I'm going to wait to do the Lab in Marleybone with a friend.  Thus, this post will be about my Death student, Tavia Deathfinder (because I haven't worked on her in ages).

Hey everyone!

So, today I got through a lot of quests!  From Skullspliter to Penny Dreadful, I had my hands full with the mess the undead were making...  For shame!  Malistare and you guys are the ones who give us Death students a bad name!
Oh, right, quests.  Sorry about that Alura.
Well, how about showing you some pictures instead of explaining everything?  It'll be faster!

I saved someone!  =)  (I've never saved someone before...)
You'll get used to it.

There was a Myth student with this attack as we faced the Kraken...

I got... A cyclops?  Um...  Thanks Penny!

Duskblade (and Deathfinder) out!

April 2, 2011

The New and Improved "Dragoness"! (And Poll)

Hey everyone!  I just revamped the blog...  As you could see.  I'll also change the header after I make Level 35 and get my new clothes...  Which will be awhile considering I'm all out of crowns.  -_-"  Anyway, tell me what you think!

I also have a Blog poll on the sidebar.  Feel free to answer!

Duskblade out!

April 1, 2011

Bosses and Disappointment

First off, I've been playing like MAD for the past 24 hours.  I've already reached my next level, and I did so with minimal help from others (not counting Donna and some random person I bumped into). 

And since forever, I ran into a Death boss.  Huzzah!
And it's not a cat too!  I've been tired of killing kitties...  D=

And everyone knows the surprise on W101, the one that had its own countdown?  Yeah, if you haven't heard, it's a pet rock.  Which you have to buy with crowns.  Big whoop to us gamers who are pretty broke.  -_-
It's like disappointment.  Virtual disappointment.
(see the second item down on the first column)

Duskblade out!

Edit:  You  know you're not thinking straight when you don't notice an April Fool's joke...  XD  Oh, brain, you give me so much amusement.