April 6, 2011


No, no, no one died...  Except a bunch of undead and a Kraken.  Even though I do now have a stock of crowns, I'm going to wait to do the Lab in Marleybone with a friend.  Thus, this post will be about my Death student, Tavia Deathfinder (because I haven't worked on her in ages).

Hey everyone!

So, today I got through a lot of quests!  From Skullspliter to Penny Dreadful, I had my hands full with the mess the undead were making...  For shame!  Malistare and you guys are the ones who give us Death students a bad name!
Oh, right, quests.  Sorry about that Alura.
Well, how about showing you some pictures instead of explaining everything?  It'll be faster!

I saved someone!  =)  (I've never saved someone before...)
You'll get used to it.

There was a Myth student with this attack as we faced the Kraken...

I got... A cyclops?  Um...  Thanks Penny!

Duskblade (and Deathfinder) out!

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