October 30, 2010

Almost Halloween...

(It's tomorrow...  :P )  My costume is close to done!  =3  I'd take a picture of my mask, but all the good cameras in the house aren't mine...  XD


Ugh, what is it Destiny?

Aren't you going to mention us?

What?  No, they don't even know who you two are-

One of your first posts had a picture of Tavia.

Please don't drag me into this...

Fine.  Everyone, I have two other characters:  One I mentioned before, Tavia Deathfinder.  She's a Death student.  And the other is Destiny Stardust, an Ice student.  ...  Happy?


Quote of the Post:
"You fancy me mad.  Madmen know nothing."
~ Edgar Allen Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart

October 27, 2010

Picture and Other Stuff...

Okay guys.  Meh best friend ever has a blog, and she drew a picture of me.  It can be found here!  =3

UGH!  I know I'm going to get some weird looks from the Magi, Masters, Grandmasters, etc, but I'm stuck on the Emperor's Retreat...  Curse you Krokotep!  D:<

I'm starting a "Quote of the Blog Post", so you get another every post...  Most of the time.
~Quote of the Blog Post~
"The king is throwing a party at the palace tonight for his pet bear."
"Don't you mean platypus bear?"
"No, it just says 'bear.'"
"Certainly you mean his pet skunk bear?"
"Or his armadillo bear?"
"Gopher bear?"
"Just... 'bear.'" 
"This place is weird."
~Avatar: The Last Airbender

October 23, 2010


I added a playlist on here this morning...  It's filled with some of my favorite songs.  (Erm, you might not like about half of the songs if you don't like anime themes...  :P  Heheh... )

Only a week and a day until Halloween!  =3  

October 21, 2010

*Does the Dance of Joy*

Why? This is why:
1. New blog heading!  (I still had my old clothes on in that one... XD)
2. I (after several weeks of failing brainstorms) found out my Halloween costume!  It's the Black Rose Witch!
3. I have some new followers!  Thanks, you guys!  =3  (And I give you all pudding since I don't have rootbeer, but I'm all out of that too!  D: )

October 14, 2010

Story time!  =3  I hope you all enjoy it:

  It was raining. Usually, that means someone is having an emotional breakdown or dying. Joy, my dream was starting out oh-so-well.
A dark castle stood in front of me. An insignia of a skull decorated the door.
Death, death, death...
Don't open it, I thought. What could be more suspicious than an evil looking door? But my body didn't listen. It wanted me to see what was past the wood and stone.
I grabbed the silver knob, and the door creaked open.
Death, death, death...
The first thing I heard was sobbing. Terrible, pitiful sobbing. It reminded me of cries from a kitten when it loses its mother, only not so high pitched.
The sound pulled me closer, and I rounded to a hallway.
Death, death, death...
The hallway was lit with torches made of bones, and the fire was bright green like nuclear waste. The tile was obsidian black, and the walls shone with a dark, rainbow shimmer. Stained glass showed images of skeletons, and a cloaked figure carrying a scythe.
Death, death, death...
All of a sudden, the ground begin to tremble. The tile began to splinter apart, and glass was cracking. A painful howl shook the air.
The images shattered. Two figures floated eerily before me.
The first one glowed faintly. As she tried grabbed my hands, the second figure shook its head.
No. You are not allowed to touch the living while they visit here. The second figure then took the first by the hand, and began to lead her away. She didn't struggle. She just looked at me sadly.
Please, she begged. Save him.
As the two of them began to fade, I had the strangest feeling I was going to see the two of them again.
Death, death, death...

What do you guys think?  Comment!

October 9, 2010

*Whacks Heartless with Pumpkinhead*

(Not that kind of Pumpkinhead...)*

And so Halloween is here!  =3  I was spending most of my later morning hanging with two of my grandmaster friends in the hard tower...  We died.  D:

I think the voids are out to get me.  0.o

Question:  Who wants to hear my story?  I've been working on it a bit...  I might post it tomorrow or Monday.  (Columbus Day.  No school.  Awesomeness.)

*(Kingdom Hearts reference)

October 8, 2010

Mwehehe... :3

I got new clothes!  :P  They don't have the best of stats, but they look uber cool!  (And bad stats is the key to learning strategy in this game...  For me, at least.  XD) 

This is my friend and I fighting together!  (I think I'm just going to use sandstorm...) :

(Dang voids and their creeping me out...)

I also want you guys to meet Chance, my heckhound...

And my new dragon, Vaden:

(I'm usually with Gigi, my black/gold dragon you see in my heading and the above pictures most of the time.)

And Celestia is out on the Test Realm!  But seriously:  Celestia?  Sure, they made the powers of the sun, moon, and stars, but shouldn't they be living in the sky?  ('Celestial' has do do with the sky, for those who don't know.)

October 5, 2010


Hi everyone!  ...  Er, what?  The bag on the counter?  With chocolate in it?  I. I *pushes bag behind me*  (You saw nothing!) 
(Lol, I was bored, and I wanted to get into that Halloween spirit....  :P  It didn't take me long, either.)

Aaand it's raining for the second week in a row.  *headdesk*  -_-

October 3, 2010

Story? (Yeah, you've probably heard this about a dozen times)

I've been beginning to right a story right now. It's Wizard101, like a couple hundred others you've seen on blogs, but I think you'd might enjoy this one. :) I'll type more the story down on Word for a few days, and then post it.

*pushes business aside* I'd like to thank Donna Spell Thorn for being my first follower! =D I was planning on giving her a glass of rootbeer, but I have none. So... *gives pudding*