October 27, 2010

Picture and Other Stuff...

Okay guys.  Meh best friend ever has a blog, and she drew a picture of me.  It can be found here!  =3

UGH!  I know I'm going to get some weird looks from the Magi, Masters, Grandmasters, etc, but I'm stuck on the Emperor's Retreat...  Curse you Krokotep!  D:<

I'm starting a "Quote of the Blog Post", so you get another every post...  Most of the time.
~Quote of the Blog Post~
"The king is throwing a party at the palace tonight for his pet bear."
"Don't you mean platypus bear?"
"No, it just says 'bear.'"
"Certainly you mean his pet skunk bear?"
"Or his armadillo bear?"
"Gopher bear?"
"Just... 'bear.'" 
"This place is weird."
~Avatar: The Last Airbender


No swearing please! ^_^