October 30, 2010

Almost Halloween...

(It's tomorrow...  :P )  My costume is close to done!  =3  I'd take a picture of my mask, but all the good cameras in the house aren't mine...  XD


Ugh, what is it Destiny?

Aren't you going to mention us?

What?  No, they don't even know who you two are-

One of your first posts had a picture of Tavia.

Please don't drag me into this...

Fine.  Everyone, I have two other characters:  One I mentioned before, Tavia Deathfinder.  She's a Death student.  And the other is Destiny Stardust, an Ice student.  ...  Happy?


Quote of the Post:
"You fancy me mad.  Madmen know nothing."
~ Edgar Allen Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart


No swearing please! ^_^