October 8, 2010

Mwehehe... :3

I got new clothes!  :P  They don't have the best of stats, but they look uber cool!  (And bad stats is the key to learning strategy in this game...  For me, at least.  XD) 

This is my friend and I fighting together!  (I think I'm just going to use sandstorm...) :

(Dang voids and their creeping me out...)

I also want you guys to meet Chance, my heckhound...

And my new dragon, Vaden:

(I'm usually with Gigi, my black/gold dragon you see in my heading and the above pictures most of the time.)

And Celestia is out on the Test Realm!  But seriously:  Celestia?  Sure, they made the powers of the sun, moon, and stars, but shouldn't they be living in the sky?  ('Celestial' has do do with the sky, for those who don't know.)

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