April 30, 2011

Katzenstein's Lab and The Vault of Ice

I forgot to mention this in previous posts, but about a week or so ago I beat Katzenstein's Lab.  I had help from Donna Spellthorn once again, because no one else was available to help me at the time (and completing a dungeon with complete strangers in kinda awkward).  Unfortunatly,  hardly got ANY pictures; I got two at the start of the dungeon.


I also went farming in the Vault of Ice.  When I first beat it, I farmed it over and over again, so I didn't get any experience points from it...  But I did get a very.... INTERESTING drop.  >:D

There's no kill like overkill.

Now I gotta wait for it to hatch...  *sigh*

Duskblade out!


  1. So, you have to farm the Vault of Ice to get that cute pet? O.O

  2. cool, thnx! :) i was like bothering people about that pet, lol


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