May 1, 2011

Level 35, Helping, and Grizzleheim

A lot has happened within the past twelve hours.

Last night I spent a good portion of my time helping out Dark (aka Rebecca Shadowbringer).  She needed to do Katzenstein's Lab like I did before, so I helped her out.  Here's a picture:

During that time, I leveled up!  =D  Thus I went and bought new gear after we completed the dungeon.  To be honest, I'm not really used it yet.  I really miss my hat and epic spiky boots.  >_< 
Alura Duskblade: Mooshu style

This morning I bought access to Grizzleheim.  I didn't bother buying it before because of the lack of experience points you get from it.  -_-;  However, I'm saving up for some things, so I thought Grizzleheim was a good place to get some money and expensive drops.  It's also fun to explore places you haven't been in before!  :3

Duskblade out!


  1. I love GH however, it really isn't that much fun when you are a GM say and are just entering for the first time. It's sooo much fun, and less grinding to do the quests as they pop up from leveling. I'm sure you'll do well, and enjoy it much.

  2. GH is awsome, but hard. you enjoy it, but get mad at it. it is always a positive and negative feeling about it. so just enjoy it, and dont punch your computer if you get defeated >_<


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