May 11, 2011

I Fail

*sigh*  Darn Nick Jonas.  I thought I was gonna be right.  *goes off to sulk in a corner*

Anyway, updates for Wintertusk, Crab Alley, and all that other stuff is live!  =D  Go on W101 and have some fun!

Duskblade out!


  1. Hey where can I contact you to give you your Wizardblox code?

  2. @ Victoria: ^^

  3. I was hoping for JM myself, because I am a fan of his work. I however am not familiar with anything Jonas, so I am neither disappointed, nor excited for it. And in all reality, who ever it is they get to make the music, will be great I'm sure, because all wiz music in and of itself is epic. :)


No swearing please! ^_^