May 27, 2011

In Which I'm Annoyed

I told myself I wouldn't rant about this...  But I want to everyone to hear this.

Note before reading: this isn't meant to insult ANYONE.  I'm just a little concerned because of the problems occurring, and I want you all to realize what you're doing.


So... The new MFP.

No, I'm not jealous of all the bloggers who got it (I'd never finish decorating it, and I like my Myth house WAY more), but I'm extremely annoyed at those who are.

I first heard about the problem on Skype, and then on a friend's blog.  I was surprised; usually people are pretty calm about this type of stuff.  BUT, this time a bunch of friends won't talk to each other and I feel like Skype is gonna burst into a flame war if all of those people end up in the same conversation.  =/  It's very silly really.

What's also really silly is that KI gives stuff like this out in the first place.  Seriously, giving only a certain few people a code for a card that's worth $40 is definitely going to make people VERY angry and upset.  A little common sense here, KI?

...  That's it for now.

Duskblade out.

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