May 3, 2011

Another New Heading and A Comic Series?

Hi everyone!  I was working on the new blog heading last night, and managed to finish it!  ^^

So, for the past couple days I've been thinking of starting a series of comic revolving around Wizard101.  It'll be a gag series; I don't have the patience to make a serious, full-blown story.  (It takes a lot of time and effort.)  The only problem is that I can't figure out a good name for the series!  X/  I have several ideas already, but none of them seem 'right'.  Thus, I will put up a poll and list the names I have already come up with.  But if anyone of YOU have a suggestion for a name, feel free to tell me via comments!

Extra news:  I should get around to entering and completing Big Ben within the next couple of days or so!  And then it's on to Mooshu, my friends!

Duskblade out!


  1. Love the new banner! Potential ideas for comic titles: "The Darings of Duskblade", "Alura's Allegories", "Alura's Anecdotes", "Alura's Antics", or even "The Deeds of Duskblade". Just some ideas.

  2. @ Victoria: "The Darings of Duskblade" and "Alura's Antic's" sound pretty awesome. *considers one of those*

  3. Is the gag series just about you or all of your charaters?

  4. @Dark: It's mainly about me, but my other characters and random cameos will appear. 83

  5. i love the Dusk Blade Dules. here is what i think:

    The Dragoness Adventures


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