May 6, 2011

Big Ben and Mooshu

Last night was quite an awesome one!  Rebecca, Donna (via her Balance student), and I (as well as Sarah Spiritheart for a short amount of time) completed Big Ben together!  ^^

Pictures before/of the final boss fight (note that Sarah had already left during this time):

Thus, I left Marleybone and headed to Mooshu, now a level 36 Balance student with Bladestorm (YES!).  It's a very pretty place, and I must admit that getting around is easier.  I'll still miss Marleybone though.  D=

(Here I was, entering Mooshu for the first time)

Great, I don't need more problems up my sleeve.  Thanks for telling me though.

Duskblade out!

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No swearing please! ^_^