May 18, 2011

Crab Alley and JUDGEMENT

After the release of the Wintertusk update on the live realm, I went over and payed the 750 crowns for access to Crab Alley.  I had a lot of fun (I love going through easy quests), though I'll admit it was harder to avoid battles then I expected.  XD
And that false king kinda made me laugh;  FOR SCIENCE!!!  (That quote existed before around the Internet, though.
Not to mention that too! ^_^

But you know what's better than that?  I just defeated the bosses for the Judgement spell.  Two bosses at  once is haaaard. DX

I also completed Hamestu Village (with help from my new spell)!  I just started Tataki Outpost, so wish me luck!

Duskblade (in her costume for a party) out!

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  1. Is that your Amestris militarty uniform? Cool-e-o. :3


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