May 7, 2011

Placing My Bets

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I've figured out who the "Mystery Composer" is.  Before I tell you who, I will give you the reason why.

In some of the later ones released, I saw this clue:

I thought: "Jesse McCartney?"  I then proceeded to laugh at myself.  Only one hint supported what I though.
And then I checked his Wikipedia page.  Everything fits nice and evenly.

Btw, Jesse McCartney plays Roxas and Ventus from the Kingdom Hearts series.  One of my favorites.  83

Duskblade out!!!  (and hopefully right)


  1. He was famous when I was like seven years old, I didn't know he was still here XD kidding. It's like Taco Mayo; totally unexpected.

  2. Lol, so my guess might just be right then? I chose Jesse McCartney when everyone was still choosing J.B. Zaolan and I were talking about it, and I randomly tweeted about it just after the second hint I believe it was.!/X_Stormy/status/63666837757501440

    Proof, lol. :D But, I would chose Jesse, because I love his music. However, I didn't like Dream Street.

  3. lol I was thinking Jesse McCartney as well one day but idk, Nick Jonas also fits in perfectly.......

  4. @ Shady/Mary: Nick Jonas did video game voice acting? I just checked his Wikipedia page and it didn't say anything about that. =/

  5. KINGDOM HEARTS FTW! *Brick'd*
    (But seriously, I'll be surpirised if you're wrong...... lol)


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