February 14, 2011


I must say, this has been one of the best Valentine's Day in several years: Through out the whole school day, I got annoyed by 'all the love' ONLY ONCE.  (It's a new record!)  And not to mention I got chocolate from my mom...  (It's the good stuff too; handmade from the candy shop about a town over.)  But, I'll see what the situation is on the Internet.  (Shipping tends to go a little nuts on Valentine's Day...  Joy.)

Quote of the Blog Post:
"Do as I say, if you value your life."
"No. ♥"
~Touhou,  Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

Btw, I'm not against Valentine's Day, I just think that it's overrated.  XD


  1. Ah, the PC-98 games. Sad that I never got a chance to play them...

    Also, Happy Valentine's to you! :)

  2. Happy (One Day Late) Valentine's Day to you too! ^^ (And to everyone!)


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