June 22, 2011

Fixed W101 and Dragon's Hoard

Wizard101 is now working on the computer again!  Back to perhaps-weekly-or-every couple-days-or-so-blog-posts.

So, I bought my first crowns items (with crowns) today.  Let me tell you, I'm not one to pay for virtual items.  It just seems silly to me.  However, I really wanted a pair of those Dragon Wings or the Bone Dragon Mount, so I took my chances and bought two Dragon's Hoard packs.  No mount or wings (unfortunatly), but I did get a Sea Dragon pet... Named Princess Pebbles.  XD

Oh, and Black Lotus are evil to find in Tataki Outpost.  Out of 30 minutes of searching, I only found four.  D:<

Duskblade out!

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