July 21, 2011

Adept Crafter, Crimson Field, And.....

Thing accomplished since my last post:

1.  I've managed to finish the Mooshu crafting quest, and I'm now an Adept Crafter!

2.  I've completed Crimson Fields, thanks to Diana Wildheart, a friend of mine of Twitter.

3.  I made it to LEVEL 40!  Two more levels until HYDRA!!!!!!  X3

Also got this awesome new staff!

Now, for some goals:
~To make it to Dragonspyre before school starts (end of August)
~To finish all novice crafting items for Watchtower Hall
~To post as much as I have lately!  :D
Think I can do it?

Duskblade out!!!

PS:  Tuned into my first-ever Ravenwood Radio last night!  It was awesome!  :D

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