August 14, 2011

Test Realm and Spiral Live! Review

I downloaded Test Realm last night.  And although I've only tested out a bit of the houses and Wisteria...  It's so cool.  <3

Lately I've been thinking about getting Watchtower Hall, and I got excited when I heard about Friendly's House-a-Palooza Contest.  However, I then went on test Realm....  And I saw it.


So I now know what my next house will be.  :P

Oh look, a review for a new Podcast!  Valdis, you awesome Life student, read it for us, please.

*sighs* Spiral Live! is a great new podcast hosted Nicolas Lionrider and Blaze Shadowhorn.  It's very entertaining, and has very high quality for a brand new podcast.  Although the hosts may get a bit off topic and random at times, they amuse without fail.  It's definitely worth a watch.

So there you have it!  Tune in next episode to listen to the awesomeness!

 Duskblade out!

PS.  (I now understand why this game is rated E10+...  I'm looking at you, Belladonna Crisp.)

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  1. Haha thanks for the review. Awesome progress Wysetria, and Wizard101 is doing good with the houses/castles.


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