August 19, 2011

Wizard Watchtower: Wanted!

So, Wysteria's live!  :D  And they added dome singular transporters to the crowns shop, which will be nice for me.  ;D

The only bad thing is that I can't find the Wizard Watchtower and where they are selling them.  It's driving me nuts!   D:  I'm not even sure Kingsisle even released them yet!  x, x  So, if any of you have information about it, tell me please!  ^^

Duskblade out!


  1. I couldn't find it either, or the sunken palace. The wysteria housing shop only has reagents lol. My guess is they will release it near the end of house-a-palooza.

  2. Both the Wizard Watchtower and the Sunken Palace are available in the Crowns Shop. This confused me too XD

  3. @Marlorn:Sounds like a good guess. :3 I can wait until then.


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