December 28, 2010

Mwahahahahaha! >:D

I got this awesome broom from a friend of mine...  You know who you are!  ;)

Just something silly that happened between Rebecca and I:
(I lacked the knowledge of how to spell 'spahgetti', so I used pasta instead.  XD )

A battle against those pesky Gearheads... 

Anyway, I'm still not very far in Marleybone, thanks to the lack of sidewalks.  Hopefully my broom will help me with that.

Quote of the Blog Post:
"The funny thing about old wallpaper is, put some lasagna over it and you've got trash. And that's why I have a lot of trash no old wallpaper."
~ Clyde, Animal Crossing


  1. Hehe! Another animal crossing fan! :D

  2. Animal Crossing is so awesome. (I haven't played it in ages though... XD )


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