December 31, 2010


And it's New Year's Eve, and MMXI will be here soon!  Whoot!  And I have some guests coming soon.   =3

Also remember how I said that Lord Kitty likes eating boots?  Well, here's the proof:
I hope you can get a Kitty-proof pair when you next go to the Bazaar, Jen...

Quote of the Blog Post:
This was in my dream! We shouldn't go to the market today.
 Why, what happens in your dream? 
Food eats people! ... Also, Momo could talk. You said some very unkind things.
~ Avatar: The Last Airbender

Yeah, Tavia?
You should probably tell the readers what the Roman numerals mean.
Ah, good point!  'MMX' is 2010 in Roman numeral, and 'MMXI' is 2011.  ^_^

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