December 3, 2010

o.0 o.0 o.0 *twitches*

Hello, Destiny here.  Since Alura's a bit busy spazzing over a theory she has about a certain TV show at the moment, she put me in charge of today's post.

She didn't put you in charge, though.

No, she didn't, but she'd probably go off, ranting.  You know her.  It would scare the readers away.

 *twitchtwitch*  o.0  Ehhhhhh...  Zo-

Anyways...  Alura made a new blog heading.  Silly how she has the want to keep making new ones.

 Quote of the Blog Post:
"Oi, sometimes you're such a girl."
"What do you mean 'sometimes'?" 
~Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep

See you later everyone.. Hopefully Alura's sane by next post.
 ...  I-I'm perfectly sane...  ...  *shudders*

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  1. Lol. XD

    Yay for Kingdom Hearts quote! *Takes out Keyblade*


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